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Digital Marketing Online

Since the inception of the World Wide Web digital marketing has become ever more important. For many companies digital is now the primary way to connect with their customers. But the world of digital marketing is vast, and the multitude of channels available can be confusing. You may be wondering things like:

  • How do I make digital marketing part of my overall marketing strategy?
  • Should I use social media to reach my audience, and if so, which platform?
  • How can I most effectively allocate my marketing budget?
  • How do I measure the performance of my marketing investment?

I have dealt with such questions many times, both in my own portfolio of affiliate websites and in helping clients. I have run advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and know how to optimize such campaigns for your marketing goals. I am deeply familiar with content marketing and organic growth online, and can help your business grow with these techniques as well.

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