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Welcome to Martijn Vulto Online, the home page of Martijn Vulto. On this website you can find information about my business activities and my interests. The website is still under development. Feel free to browse around and it you want to get in touch, please use the contact form.

Martijn Vulto


The bridge is one of man's most fascinating creations. Drawing on both art and science. Defying the obstacles of nature. Connecting people all over the world.


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I use different social networking sites to stay in touch with my friends and business associates.


I share things that I find interesting, funny, or otherwise remarkable via Twitter. Please follow me on Twitter to keep up with my interests.


If we have done business or worked together, do not hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn. I use this network mainly to find out about new business opportunities and to stay in touch with business contacts.

Google+ Plus

I use Google+ primarily as a channel for online marketing. If you have an interest in online marketing or are curious about the projects that I'm working on, feel free to add me to one of your circles..


If we are friends and you use Facebook, feel free to add me to your list of Facebook friends. I use this network actively for personal communication and to share interests and ideas.


I am an active member of hospitality network CouchSurfing. You can find my CouchSurfing profile here.


If you enjoy music as much as I do, I can definitely recommend the Last.fm network to you. It provides a great platform to discuss music and learn about new artists you may like. My Last.fm profile is not public, but if you know me personally, ask me for a link.

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