International Healthcare study for PWC

PWC's international HealthCast study

One very interesting project I worked on in an advisory capacity was PWC's international HealthCast study. This project aimed to project the future shape of healthcare and to provide health leaders with the tools to address its challenges. This meant understanding the impact of an ageing population with rising prevalence of chronic diseases, meanwhile dealing with barriers in regulation and funding that hamper innovation.

My advisory role in the project was to assess the Dutch healtchare situation and to identify key innovations that could improve quality and cost-effectiveness in both cure and care. Special attention was given to the incentives that promoted or impeded cross-sector collaboration, as that is where some of the most promising solutions for the Dutch situation lie.

The final report HealthCast: The customisation of diagnosis, care and cure was published in March 2010. Later a shorter Dutch version of the report was published as well, titled De patiŽnt aan zet.

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